Plant Ghetto

plant ghetto |plant ˈgetō|

noun ( pl. plant ghettos or plant ghettoes )

  1. a part of a yard, esp. an out-of-the-way or hidden corner, occupied by plants you just HAD to have but don’t have room for in your yard.
  2. a place where cruel gardeners and horticulturists send innocent plants to die

e.g. My plant ghetto is full. Do you have any room in yours for these Aloes?

I emptied out a bit of my plant ghetto today but all the plants in the above picture are still left over. Some I am keeping in pots until they grow a bit larger, some are waiting for annuals to be finished so they can take their place, some are waiting for some new beds I’m making, and finally some I just HAD to have but am not really sure where they are going to go.

Gabe calls his plant ghetto “the nursery” but he isn’t fooling anyone.

Cool Plant of the Week!

Globularia cordifolia

I’m very proud of myself.  This weeks cool plant of the week was available at at Native Sons but I didn’t buy it because I don’t really have a place to grow it properly right now.  Normally when I see cool plants I buy them without thinking and then they end up dying in my plant ghetto while I try to think of somewhere to plant them.  I’m trying to be a grown up.