High Tech Planted Fish Tank

I have kept fresh water fish with aquatic plants for years but never tried the high tech route. This involves strong lighting and forced CO2 injection so you can grow some of the more interesting and challenging plants. I’ve decided to give it a try and see how I fare so I got a 17 gallon frameless tank and a CO2 tank and the necessary equipment to get it into the water.

The results are pretty good so far. Pretty good growth in just over a week. Aquatic plants are definitely trickier than terrestrial plants and I am not sure I have the knack for aquascaping yet but it is a start.

17 Gallon High Tech Tank

And here is the regulator for my CO2 tank in action.

I’ll post updates as it progresses and I add some fish. For anyone interested in the art of aquascaping if you are in the Bay Area be sure to check out the Conservatory of Flowers. They have a show opening on November 13th featuring planted aquariums. I believe it is running through the spring.

Conservatory of Flowers – The Art of Underwater Gardening