I’m a little bit in love with…

Ballota pseudodictamnus. How could I not be? Look at it. Just look at it!

Ballota pseudodictamnus

This is one of the few survivors of my original mediterranean garden. It isĀ on the edge of the garden so survived the backhoe that dug a 12 foot deep hole in my garden to install a sewer lateral. I decided to keep this plant here when I changed the garden over from mixed mediterranean to California natives (even though it is native to Greece). And I will keep it here even though I will shortly be transforming this garden yet again from California natives to South African Restios, succulents, and Proteas. More on my future garden plans soon!

But in the meantime enjoy a fuzzy closeup.

Ballota pseudodictamnus


Peak Aloe

I meant to post a picture of Aloe Moonglow when it was at peak bloom a month ago but I got busy and forgot. So here you go! It is finished now but January 10th it was looking particularly stunning.

Aloe Moonglow

This week my hardscape project is going on at my house. I’ll post an update soon.