Monarch Chrysalis

Back at the start of November I made a post about wildlife in the garden and shared some pictures of monarch butterfly caterpillars.

I was in NYC visiting my family for Thanksgiving and when I got back most of them were gone. I did find a beautiful monarch chrysalis on the driveway (probably dropped there while I was weeding the garden. I forgot to check all the weeds I pulled before I threw them in the green waste bin).

So pretty. They look like they have been splashed with little bits of gold leaf. I gently placed the chrysalis on an Erica in my plant ghetto hoping it would be safe there.

And then I went home again for Christmas. I checked this morning and was happy to see that the Chrysalis is still there and is nearing the end of its transformation.

The butterflies wings are now clearly visible and soon it will be fully transformed. Pretty cool stuff.

4 thoughts on “Monarch Chrysalis

  1. So cool! I found what I believed to be monarch eggs on my milkweed in the fall but never did see anything come of it. I had investigated after finding a monarch wing lying nearby.
    I enjoy seeing the growth of your garden.

  2. It’s great that you found a safe place for it. That kind of makes you the butterfly’s godfather or something, doesn’t it?

  3. This is an amazing process to be able to follow up-close. Do you see the Monarch butterfly in your garden every year?

    • Yes! This part of the central coast is full of monarch groves. There are thousands of them in nearby Pismo Beach and we have a few here in Los Osos too.

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