Zaluzianskya capensis is a South African perennial with flowers that open late in the day and into the evening and are have a very potent fragrance.  I’ve seen it described as smelling of freshly baked cake or burnt candy and that may be the case if you live somewhere warm where the fragrance can waft into the night air.  But since I live where it is too cold for that I have to lay down on the ground and stick my nose right into the flowers.  It isn’t a bad smell but it is pretty potent.  Imagine being locked in a small room with dozens of bouquets of lilacs and peonies. Now imagine someone covered the lilacs and peonies in sugar and lit them on fire. If you can imagine what that would smell like you have a pretty good idea of what Zaluzianskya smells like.

Super easy from seed though. Worth giving them a try if you like smelly things! The flowers are cute too.

Berlandiera lyrata (the yellow daisy flowers above with purple thyme flowers) on the other hand has a delightful cocoa smell. It is a perennial from Texas and the southwest and is a much hardier option than Cosmos sanguineus with a similar chocolate smell.  It is also one of the success stories of my path garden which I promise I will blog about really soon(ish).