Begonias Revisited

Remember my post on large flowered tuberous begonias about a month ago?

Well they were well overdue for potting up which is unfortunate because my trip to England is in three days and I have about a million things to do before I leave.

These Begonias are busting out of their 4 inch pots!

I foolishly bought too many of them.  Mail ordered some and instead of sending me the three tubers of each color that were offered they very kindly sent me four or five of each color.   Ack!  I am gardening on a little balcony that is already packed full of plants.  Thanks for the free gift but I would have preferred receiving fewer plants not extras!

That didn’t stop me from picking up a few more in different colors from various garden centers I visited before my order arrived.  I’m kind of a dummy when it comes to buying first and making room later.

Anyway this morning I got to work potting them up.

If only I had a place to put all these Begonias.

Of course to make things worse I ran out of pots and potting soil.  I decided to double and even triple plant some of the large azalea pots I had and a few others went into one gallon plastic pots.  If I have time before my trip I’ll pick up another bag of soil and finish the rest.

When you are potting up new small tubers you should leave one or two strong thick stems and snap off any puny ones or extra ones so the tubers don’t put all their effort into blooming and flowers rather than growing larger. It is pretty easy to gently twist each stem you don’t want and snap it off at the base.  These can then be used as cuttings to propagate new Begonias but I already have so many of the damned things there is no way I am getting suckered into that trap. As tempting as it was I discarded them.

Not much else to report on the balcony front other than I continue to be unhappy with my gardening situation.  Because the cacti and succulents are growing in shade rather than the full sun they want I am seeing a lot of whiteflies, spider mites and mealy bugs.  I plan on using a few of the larger plants in a design I am working on and hopefully the others will hang in there for another six months.  Luckily some of my succulents go summer dormant so they should be OK.  Conophytums turn to papery little husks so they don’t need sun at all.

I do plan on blogging about my experience at the Chelsea Flower show on Friday and all the gardens I visit while in England but the rate at which I do this will depend on my internet connection at the hotels we stay at and how tired I am.  Stay tuned.

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