Clematis I Have Met

I promise this will be my last post on Clematis for a while (until I get some more pictures of them).  Just following up with some pictures of various Clematis I have encountered in my travels and ending with a cool double Clematis in my old garden.

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Clematis montana var. rubens at The Royal Botanic Garden, Kew.

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Clematis Combinations

When I see Clematis in gardens I’m surprised at how often they are just planted on their own on a wall or a pillar.  When I plant them in my garden I always try to put them in combination either with other Clematis or growing through or up other plants.  I do this for two reasons. First of all my garden was small so I was looking to use up every inch of vertical growing space possible.  I couldn’t afford to grow just one Clematis on a pillar when I could fit six in that spot.  Second I think all plants just look more interesting when they are playing off other plants whether it is complimentary or contrasting colors or different shapes and forms.  A well grown plant in full bloom is exciting to me but two or more plants together can be a work of art.

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Clematis 'Rooguchi' with its succulent purple bell flowers looks great against the pale blooms of 'Emilia Plater'. I think in combination both plants stand out more than if they were just planted on their own.

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Clematis Freak

Hello my name is Kaveh and I am a recovering Clematis addict.  There is a part of me that feels I should  be writing about more current stories of my horticultural life.  However there are certain topics that played such an important part in my gardening career that they are worth a look at.  Clematis are definitely one of the key parts of my story.  It all comes down to the simple fact that I learned the art of gardening so that I could grow Clematis.

Clematis integrifolia is my number one favorite Clematis and for that matter it is probably my favorite plant.

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Large Flowered Begonias

As much as I lament the loss of my old balconies full baking sun one cool benefit is the ability to grow some shade plants.  Now if I have my choice between big double flowers and dainty little natural species flowers I will usually pick the latter.  But for some reason I love the absurdly oversized flowers of tuberous Begonias.  Not the little bedding ones you buy in flats. I’m talking the giant ones with big monster sized flowers.

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Putting Plants First

I potted up a few succulents yesterday and as feared a few of them are starting to show the stresses of being in bright shade instead of full sun.  My Nananthus is infested by mealy bugs and other plants have spider mite infestations.  I’m just hoping that some of my older or more unusual plants can hang on until my lease is up in December.

Even the balcony railing isn't very bright. The plants get a few minutes of direct sun only when it is setting in the evening.

Still things aren’t all grim.  I grew Cuphea viscosissima last year and a seed found its way into my Aloe ferox pot and bloomed at just a few inches high.

So cute!

Anyway from this point forth I vow to remember that plants are the most important thing to me the next time I am looking for a place to live.  I won’t be swayed by the view, the hardwood floors, the appliances.  It has to be all about the plants or I’ll regret it.  Someone be sure to remind me of this because I bet I’ll forget.  There was a place just up the hill from me now that had a balcony that was at least 200 square feet and totally exposed.  Oh the things I could do with that balcony.  But the apartment didn’t have a washer/dryer and worst of all only had street parking.  I am very much against the idea of street parking but sometimes I think of that 200 square foot balcony with city views and full sun and think maybe I could have lived with it.  I know my plants would have been happier.


Yay! Revolver Maps tracks where my blog visitors come from and today I had my first international visitors (not including Canada). Today I had visits from Spain, Thailand, and Korea. Welcome everyone!